Strong Brand Portfolio

V.S. Logistics has a very strong brand portfolio due to which it can mitigate the risk, balance uncertainties, create synergies and take advantage of the market opportunities.

Operational Plan

V.S. Logistics is a part of the distribution channel of the FMCG Distribution. Distribution channel is defined as a chain of intermediaries through which the product is passed down the chain to the next organization viz. distributor & retailer, before it finally reaches the consumer or enduser.

Locate A Retailer Near You

The firm and its warehouses are located at Bhiwandi. Bhiwandi is a city, in the district of Thane, in the western state of Maharashtra, in India.

Our Customers

V. S. Logistics is a leading CnF, Super Stockist of FMCG products for Mumbai, Maharashtra with wide network of distributors. Our Customers are